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Welcome To Jackie's JAFRA Cosmetics!

Experience a high performance skin care regimen that you can actually feel!
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This Is The Only Skin We Get

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Jafra Cosmetics has been around for over sixty years, creating beauty products and business opportunities that cater to our needs as women.

Teaming up with Jackie Alves allows you to explore, discover, reinvent, and reveal your true potential! And you don't do it alone.

How do we do this? By showing you how to create your own confident, inspiring, successful story.

We embrace the corporate motto of Jafra Cosmetics, which is "JAFRA-Freedom To Be YOU".

As a group, we know we will make your best even better, your smile wider, and a brighter future for you and your family.

With over twenty years in business, Jackie Alves brings a fresh light and contagious enthusiasm to women worldwide.

Get started today with the Jackie Alves Team!
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Themis 3
“Jackie is amazing and definitely showed me the benefits of learning about skin care products and how to use them, which was VERY important to me.  

She suggested using Jafra's Royal Jelly Line and it was exactly what I needed.  

Before meeting her, I was using a high end cleansing line and it didn't even compare to what Jafra has done for my skin!”


Themis Cavanaugh
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Chris 750x500
I have been a Jafra customer with Jackie almost one year. I was so excited when Jackie did a facial on my face and I was able to not have a reaction to it!

When we first met, I told her I could only use Aveno and Cetaceans because my skin was so sensitive and I was hesitant to try anything. 

I have been using the Jafra Royal Jelly Skin Care Jackie recommended for a year now and my skin is amazing! No irritation at all and I can tell my skin is healthier than it ever has been and I am in my 40s! 

Jackie Alves is my consultant and it was wonderful how she educated me as a consultant, not pushy at all trying to make a sale.  

She didn't sell me anything...the results I got made Jafra sell itself!


Chris Martinez
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