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Being in the cosmetics and skincare business since the age of 17,  I've definitely learned a thing or two about women and the way they feel about how they look.  It's been a privilege to work with some of the best skin care product companies in the industry.

My experience spans from doing makeup in photo studios & Las Vegas shows to teaching skin care for world-renowned cosmetic companies.

The big challenge to finding great skin care products was getting past the hype and just getting the facts. No lies, no manufactured half-truth's. Just tell me what's in this stuff and does it work.

I've either worked for or worked with all of the top brands of skin care and makeup. 

There are plenty of them out there and I am not here to drop names on the good, bad or severely over-priced ones. You probably already know their names.

So when I found an affordable skin care regimen that produces beautiful, healthy skin I actually felt in my skin, I was on board 100%. The products truly exceeded my expectations in both quality and price.

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