Amazing Before and After
Makeovers for Women Over 60

Yuma makeup artist in action before and after
Ever felt a sinking feeling when you look in the mirror?  Like the vibrant woman who use to live there has moved out and then replaced with someone else?

Maybe even wondered if surgery would help bring back your youthful sparkle?

Believe it or not, there’s a younger you inside, just waiting to get out. But you may be holding her back with your makeup and the way that you apply it.

That’s right. The makeup techniques that worked so well for you in decades past can actually work against you now. That’s because as your skin matures, it takes on different properties and has different needs.

If you don’t adapt to your skin’s changing needs, you end up trying to force something that just doesn’t work. That leads to results that are less than optimal.

 The Right Technique Makes a Difference

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As a professional skin care specialist and makeup artist, I have devoted my entire life to helping women look and feel their best.

One of my specialties is teaching women over 60 how to adapt their skincare and makeup techniques to make the most of their assets.

In addition to meeting at the local Beauty Bar, I am now offering FREE private virtual appointments where I can analyze your current system and make recommendations to bring out the best you.

I will answer all of your questions and we will cover your :
  • Current Skin and Makeup Routine
  • Skin Type
  • Look You Are Trying To Achieve
  • Challenges You Want To Overcome
  • Individualized Skin Care & Makeup Plan

Beauty Doesn’t Have to be Expensive

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When you go to an esthetician or a beauty counter at a store, they will most likely try to sell you something that pays the highest commission to the person who’s assisting you.

Now these products may work well.  But they can be expensive! And not necessarily better than what you would get from a more affordable, yet just as luxurious, skincare line.

Having a beauty routine is essential for soft and supple, radiant skin.

Ready to schedule your FREE private beauty consultation? It’s fast and easy, with absolutely no obligation to buy anything. 
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